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Our signature 8-week programme is all delivered online in video, audio and written format and includes everything you need to start building the foundations for a happy family, and a happy YOU!

  • Content released weekly but available for two extra months so you can go at a slower pace if necessary.

  • Over 6 hours of pre-recorded video lessons delivered in bite-sized chunks, perfect for busy mothers.

  • Complementary recommended exercises and activities to enhance and strengthen your learning.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Week One: The Power of the Mind

    • Welcome to DYL!

    • Hints for Going Forward

    • Introduction

    • Wheel of Life

    • Wheel of Life (printable)

    • Brain Basics

    • The Brain (printable)

  • 2

    MAP Mini-Course

    • About the MAP Mini-Course

    • How MAP Works

    • Reconsolidation

    • Intro to MAP Part One

    • Intro to MAP Part Two Audio

  • 3

    Week Two: The Choice is Yours

    • Welcome to Week Two!

    • The Choice Point

    • Away Moves vs Towards Moves

    • Hands as Thoughts & Feelings

    • Ladder of Emotions

    • Ladder of Emotions (printable)

    • MAP Fear

    • BONUS! Powerful Creator Meditation

    • Practice Suggestions

  • 4

    Week Three: No Time Like the Present

    • Welcome to Week Three!

    • The 180

    • Be the Tree

    • Radio Station

    • The Weather

    • MAP Impatience/Frustration

    • Practice Suggestions

  • 5

    Week Four: Attract and Receive

    • Welcome to Week Four!

    • Acceptance

    • A Tool for Attraction

    • Magnetisation Demonstration

    • Magnetisation Tree (printable)

    • Discovering Our Values

    • Values Clarification Checklist

    • MAP Unworthy

    • Practice Suggestions

  • 6

    Week Five: I Am Enough

    • Welcome to Week Five!

    • Self-Compassion

    • Self-Compassion Tracker

    • Me-Time List

    • MAP Shame

    • BONUS! I Am Enough Meditation

    • Practice Suggestions

  • 7

    Week Six: Relationships Matter

    • Welcome to Week Six!

    • PEACE Method

    • PEACE Printable

    • Rupture and Repair

    • MAP Anger

    • Practice Suggestions

  • 8

    Week Seven: Moving Forward

    • Welcome to Week Seven!

    • Goal Setting

    • Goal Setting Worksheet

    • Weekly Plan

    • Weekly Planner

    • MAP Guilt

    • Practice Suggestions

  • 9

    Week Eight: Start Building!

    • Welcome to the Final Week!

    • BONUS! MAP on the Go!

    • Wheel of Life Revisited

    • Wheel of Life (printable)

    • MAP Goals

    • BONUS! In the Flow Zone Meditation

Free Bonus Material

But wait, there's more! We really want you to have everything you need all in one programme so we are including:

  • Weekly Clearing Sessions

    Eight sessions using our innovative MAP Method™ so you can begin to reprogram your brain and create new pathways ensuring nothing will keep you from living the life of your dreams!

  • Meditations

    Three downloadable meditations to support you made exclusively for the programme. Yours to keep!

  • 2 for 1

    Pay for yourself and your parenting partner can join for FREE! This will normally be your child's other parent but can include another trusted family member. Contact us for details.

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What Participants Are Saying:

Sarah B.

Mum of 3

I used to be immobilised by my thoughts and feelings at times but I didn't really understand how or why - or even what it was that was stopping me. Now, I'm noticing a change in my thoughts and reminding myself to "take action anyway." It's been so helpful!

Miia M.

Yoga Instructor & Mum of 2

I have discovered that it's ok to be where I am at this point in my life and have been reminded to enjoy the ‘now.’ I am more aware of my own values; I feel more positive about my daily life; and am confident that I can be the best me! I now have an understanding of where I am and how to keep moving forward to where I want to be. My mindset has become more positive and trusting and I’ve learned amazing tools to stay connected with the people who matter most. I feel like I now have control of my own life and know how I want to live it and how to keep it that way in the future!

Samantha T.

Mum of 3

You have such a way with words, none of this comes across judgemental or like you're better than the rest of us. It's beautifully said! Every video you have is so well explained and given just the right amount of detail to someone who is completely new to it all. And the exercises are brilliant too!

Nyree M.

Nurse & Mum of 6

As mothers we end up feeling so lost! I felt disconnected from myself, and really didn’t even know who I was anymore. But Design Your Life was like a gift for my soul. I’m feeling so inspired, calm and confident now!

Course Instructor

Head Instructor

Anne Cullen

Anne is passionate about supporting and educating mothers and fathers in the early years of their parenting journey so that they can truly enjoy parenting and their children grow up feeling safe, secure and understood. She has worked with families for nearly 30 years and has a Bachelor of Arts degree with majors in Sociology/Anthropology; Family Resources; and Elementary Education, and further training in Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT). Anne is currently Spokesperson and Parent Advisor for The Natural Parent Magazine, a recommended provider of The Beyond Sleep Training Project, an Advanced MAP Coach and an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant.

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